Neckromancing, or, neckromancer’s Tips

Here I will be compiling recipes, games, exercises, and other things that I do to make my life fun. Just sharing.

1. Sneak up on someone once a month. Make sure the person you jump doesn’t carry anything that can be thrown, thrust, or shot at you. (2001-2005)

2. Sniff a body crevice, but don’t be addicted.

3. A fun way to kill roaches is with a pellet gun. (1998)

4. Do not take a fountain pen, open it, attach a rubber band at the nonwriting end and swing it in a circle. Ink will follow centrifugal motion. Believe me. (1997)

5. Tsansing is a very cheap way to earn excitement. It is also a cheap way to go to jail. Don’t be cheap.

6. Visit the links I have listed. They make me the way I am (Parang Eminem ah).

7. If you cook, keep a can of creamed soup on hand. It saves lives.

8. When taking a shower Filipino-style, don’t get soap in your eyes before you dip for water in the water pail. There is the probability of dipping toilet water instead. Don’t ask how I know.


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