Sino si neckromancer?

neckromancer is the nickname of a Filipino. He loves eating, movies, cartoons, the combined smell of coffee and cigarette smoke and computers. Brushes with famous people has him seeing Joey De Leon and Vic Sotto enjoying a smoke, interviewing Adeline Dumapong and other advocates for persons with disabilities and getting autographs of Xerex Xaviera and Caloy Alde.

E Bakit neckromancer? (Why neckromancer?)

He is a sorcerous, vampiric sex pervert. Does that answer your question?

Who is that person on his avatar?

That is the Dinosaur of the Philippine Senate, the young Manong Johnny Enrile. (Now on his third season!) Just having fun. He looks so happy and he is ready to share his happiness with you.

Why are you using a pseudonym?

Because it is now more of an identity than a firewall into who I really am. I admit that there are other neckromancers out there, but I like the anonymity it gives me.


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