Kunyari Tweet # 9

I find myself thinking of aging these months. Relatives dying. Then I surprise a coworker that I am already almost 30. High-five!



I just changed my Gravatar picture to a tamer one. Mainit si Manong Ernie e.

Recipe: Okra + Corn = Super Fiber!

I cleaned out my ref this way just after Glenda… So malamang ayaw niyo ng combination neto. It is good though.


1 can corned tuna
1 can creamed corn (maliit lang)
1 dakot ng okra (inubos ko ang okra sa ref)
oyster sauce
sesame oil (pwede na yung kahit sa instant noodles)

1. Wash the okra and chop in nice rings about half an inch thick. Keep dry.
2. Saute onion and garlic in the oil if you have them. Mahal ng bawang e.
3. Get the corned tuna frying in medium heat. Isama ang creamed corn, pero huwag muna ang juice niya.
4. Lutuin nang mga 5 minuto. Isama ang okra at lutuin hanggang maglaway ka. Malamang kung unang beses mong lulutuin, hindi ka maglalaway sa sarap. Bagay ang ulam na ito sa may singaw.
5. Kung medyo malambot na ang okra lagyan ng oyster sauce. Kung medyo tuyo, lagyan ng kaunting sabaw ng creamed corn. Haluin at patayin ang apoy.
6. Budburan ng sesame oil para sa magandang amoy at kunyari foodie ka.
7. Enjoy. Seryoso, niluto ko ito. – First seen at: http://espiya.net/forum/index.php?topic=163681.0#sthash.hMrYpiWM.dpuf

A Hamster is a Rodent…

Which means it is very, very fecund.


Bakit madaling-araw?

madali ang araw
sapagkat walang kahirap-hirap

lang naman kasi
dahil may mga taong

Mahirap ba
ang madaling-araw
para sa

Mothers’ Day

Dear Neckromancer,

How Do I celebrate Mothers’ Day? wala na akong panregalo.

Summer Vacationist


Dear Summer,

Do what I did to celebrate Labor Day. Tulungan mong maglaba.



It means Original Pilipino Music. You know, Eraserheads, Yoyoy Villame and When I Met You. Kind of a misnomer, because it is very hard to find originality in Filipino music. I mean that in a good way, as we take what is good in other people’s music (not so original, themselves) and make the result uniquely Filipino.

Consider Rico J Puno’s The Way We Were. Popularised by Barbra Streisand, it started as a “class” song, much like Pitbull and Ke$ha’s “Timber” is today. Unreachable by the common people, Rico J started the song with spoken Tagalog, referring to strolling around the park, sweetness between couples (he was pretty risque, as we are talking about Rico J Puno here in the time before Young Love, Sweet Love). No wonder he was such a hit with the ladies ( aside from the mustache).

Then I remembered more songs. Binibini, Bato sa Buhangin, Kahit Isang Saglit, Sana Maulit Muli. All good fun with LSS.

As my three readers may have guessed, I finally got a new internet connection, and I spent it on removing obscenity from my hard drive. My mother got back to school and learned computer. I have also lessened my beer intake. Aside from playing Monster Hunter on a PSP, playing with our kitten, 2 dogs and 2 hamsters, and making chocolate products, I have found new ways of having fun. Thank you.