Movie Games: Utot

My first post for the year involves things I love: vulgarity, lists, games, and a healthy regard for creativity. I have been a member of, and its facebook page, where I have been participating in the time-honored forum tradition of games. There is this one I posted before about Movies that describe your sex life. In the light of the upcoming visit of the Holy Father, though, let me be mild for a moment and give you the Greatest Hits for Use a Movie Title to Describe Your Fart: (and Why)

  1. Sound of Music – what you call your own
  2. Blast from the Past – When you walk into an elevator after someone who looks very guilty leaves it
  3. The Wind Talkers – When you engage in a contest with a friend
  4. Wrong Turn – when you were supposed to burp
  5. Splash – when you do it while peeing
  6. Battle of the Bulge – When the gas is heavy enough to create its own breathing space
  7. The Usual Suspects – When you are notorious enough that no one asks anymore who did it
  8. Gone With the Wind – When you know you are notorious enough to disappear when you do
  9. Kick-Ass – When someone hates you for farting they do this to you
  10. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – When you really need to go to the bathroom

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