Church Story

Based on what you read here, you might think I am a person who doesn’t like religion. I do, however, and I dislike spirituality. You know, the type when people say they are not religious but spiritual, as if you can have one but not the other. Now you know how I am.

I went to church this morning by myself, as with my work I can not accompany the family anymore. I usually wake up late. I went to church at noon, planning to buy some food to cook for supper as well.

Too bad for me, I came in late, I had to sit in the back. In the pew there was only one other person, a teenaged male. He is part of a group of friends, and the others were sitting in the pew in front of us. It was indeed late and I had missed the gospel, and I just had to get the gist of it by wondering what the priest was talking about.

The homily done, the commentator (who I admit is not one to hold attention very well) asked the people to stand. They boy did not stand while his friends did. He also did not kneel, respond or sing. I thought, well, most people don’t sing in church anyway. Maybe he is not a Catholic and he just came to be with friends.

Communion came, and I did not get up as I did not wish to have Communion because I did not come early for Mass. He got up, however, and proceeded to have Communion. Afterwards, I overheard him remark about the taste and proceeded to unwrap some gum, put the wrapper on the pew’s shelf and chew it in church. I now glared at him openly.

I imagined Jesus making a whip and driving out the merchants out from the temple. After the Grand Blessing ended, I approached him (not too calm myself) and picked up the wrapper. I told him to take the wrapper and put it in his pocket. I did not know what he did after, as I was busy walking out of the church’s door.

And you know what? I did not feel good. As I did earlier until this moment, I found out I spent more attention on him than on prayer.


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