Ideas for Blogs

I admit I am not a very prolific blogger. I keep postponing writing. I often blame the internet connection too, that it becomes a crutch for me not writing. Why should I, when the cat videos won’t watch themselves? This points painfully to my discipline, which is sorely lacking.

So it might come as a surprise to see that I want to have more blogs. It is like the feeling of invention, like I want to create. But I don’t want to just churn out articles. If you reread, you find that I very seldom post a blog article created by another. But since facebook, even that has been replaced by the occasional share and comment in other people’s newsfeeds. I want to actually have blogs that have specific topics and markets. First, I want to have a blog focused on explaining different propaganda (commercial advertisements), especially for supplements and pseudo-medical claims. I also want to have a blog on a survival guide to being poor.

I would want to start all those today, but Ryzza Mae Show is on. 🙂


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