The Dream

It must be the mustard I took with the hotdogs before I went to sleep earlier, but I had this weird dream (weirder than the usual).

I walked into a fast food restaurant and ordered four burgers. It turned out that these are huge burgers. I remembered them to be like Big Macs, but the filling looked like square patties. Somehow I was dissatisfied with what I got, though I did not try to return the food or complain. As I went out to eat it at the outdoor table, a couple of guys in lab coats went to my table and confronted me at my food. They look like the guys in Mythbusters, seriously.

They took a look at the burgers, and explained to me why Burger King is such a delicious burger. As I am typing this before I sleep again, I had already forgotten what they shouted out at me. What they said conjured visions of a Whopper in my mind, and made me leave my burgers and go with them, complete with a setting sun and all that.

I hope this won’t be a Mene Mene Tekel Parsin situation. 🙂 The whole thing looked like a very competitive commercial for burgers, with name-calling and all that.


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