Way to go Maggi

You confirmed by belief in the power of marketing. After that hoopla on contaminated noodles, you just focused on a key market which needs you expertise, young families. Despite the efforts of Nancy Lumen, Boy Logro and Judy Ann Santos to push for cooking at home/ as a business, Maggi recognizes that there are a lot of people who will benefit from not knowing how to cook Bicol Express but knowing that it can be faked when you “have bisita.” Especially with “kumpare.”

I got the following youtube video from NestlePH’s account. I think they don’t mind me reviewing the ad, it might provide more attention, and I don’t make money from this blog. That, plus my unending love for Nestle Swiss Miss.

That said, I love the ad itself. Starts out like a beer commercial, then it goes inexplicably with invisible double barbershop quartet, and ends in eating, oblivious to the eight hungry men wailing for attention at the back. It seems similar to my experiences eating out in fastfood restaurants near Quiapo.

Storyline goes here: Wife is returning from work/play/modelling when she gets prompt by inconsiderate husband to show off to kumpare. The disembodied voice belonging to a Maggi grunt gives her the power to fake it. She does so, with a Magic Cooking bag and magic granules. She fakes it for an epic win, perhaps.

I have yet to test the product, so I am not sure as to it’s effectiveness. Will it go the way of Pansit Ulam or Sarsa Ulam, two other products designed for the culinary clueless? What I know is that Bicol Express is not paella or lechon de leche. You saute pork, beans, and Pinoy chili peppers in your usual gisa technique, then add the coconut cream/milk. It actually becomes better if you decide to be adventurous and substitute cream for the coconut milk. That’s it.

I also love it when the punchline of the commercial is when the wife sings the “Bicol Express!” name. And one of the choir members looks like Dinky Doo.

Best possible thesis topic: Food safety: Is it safer to eat meals bought from sidewalk cafeterias than to eat instant meals?
Best comment in the youtube page: Who is the husband? He’s guapo. – Mr Laquachero

P.S. Is Swiss Miss made by Nestle? uh, sorry.

Edit: 2:34 AM
Found this companion ad in youtube. Shades of Apple. Galing pala nila magparody ng ad ng iba. hehehehe!


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