My New Radio Trip

Maybe this began long before, but I don’t really know. When I was six years old, I was already listening to rock. My uncle, Papa’s youngest brother, was my idol. He frequently played casette tapes that I would borrow and I would pretend to be a DJ on our karaoke. Eagles, Metallica, Black Sabbath, a few bands I don’t know but I liked their songs (I was that young), and Queen. Of course. I prided myself on being somewhat of a rock connoisseur. Of course the word hipster wasn’t invented then, and I wasn’t too proud of my passion. All the kids my age were listening to Campus Radio and dancing to the Universal Motion Dancers’ moves. And those were the bullies.

Nowadays, I find myself listening to what they call “retro” music. I don’t mind this much, but was listening to Ernie Ford Tennessee sing “Sixteen Tons,” I recognize CCR’s “Fortunate Son” whenever it is played in movies and games, and I know why Nora Aunor is named “Timi Yuro” of the Philippines. I’m turning into my father.

To get my oldie fix before, I had to listen in to 100.3 DZRJ. I still remember the time when what they had on the radio were all Beatles songs. Nowadays, before I go to work, I tune in to 104.3FM, a government radio station. It has tunes from Broadway musicals, instrumental renditions of pop songs, and Larry Henares reading articles on the radio. I can even listen to old ladies singing “Pagdating ng Panahon” and The Dawn’s “Salamat.” Perhaps, I will have to listen more to investigate further…


2 responses to “My New Radio Trip

  • cheesecake

    or old ladies singing metallica?

  • don dee

    I don’t really listen to the radio anymore. Come to think of it, the last time I regularly listened to the radio was when I was still in college. That was a millenium ago. And the station was DZFEFM, and they played European classical music mostly. Is the station still alive? I wonder. I remember that station being my decompression on very toxic days. That and alcohol. 🙂

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