Sex Trivia by Neckromancer

Aside from boring you people with pieces of shit like how I didn’t watch the finale of American Idol, I will instead present you with sex trivia, courtesy of a fine book I scrounged in BookSale. It is imaginatively-named Useless Sexual Trivia by Shane Mooney, and aside from giving you choice bits of information, I will also put in my comments, neckromancer-style.

1. The vast majority of clients at a house of prostitution are married.
– Of course, single people don’t have money.

2. In 1930, there was a nude indoor bicycling race in Paris in which each woman’s goal was to be the first to orgasm from rubbing on the seat.
– Where was ESPN when you needed it?

3. There was one French woman whose job was to castrate people who was so good at her business that her dog’s diet consisted solely of severed gonads.
– Stay away from my crotch!

4. Capuchin monkeys usually say hello by showing one another their erections.

5. Barnacles are stationary animals that mate by reaching over with their penis into the female’s mantle cavity. The tail is 150% of their body length.

6. Dominican Republic syndrome is a rare disorder whereby persons are born anatomically female but develop male genitalia and characteristics at puberty.
– For some people, this would be a wish come true.

7. I’m not an authority on sex. I’m more of a fan. – George Burns
– Well said, George.


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