Innovations that I Don’t Want to Own Up # 1

Today I’m back in blogging and I would like to start with a new series, namely, “Innovations that I don’t want to involve myself.” I thought of these myself, but if there are other people who would like to correct me for that, then good. That would prove I’m not the only person who likes to think up these things.

ITIDWTOU#1: We have proximity alarms for cars. These are things that sense if a thing is close enough to your car to damage it. They would activate alarms that warn the offender to stay away and they would ring like a Klaxon when all else fails. These are designed against automotive crimes. Trouble is, they are often more trouble than they’re worth, so I thought up of a more useful one for this piece of technology. This would encourage the owner to wash their cars.

It will be a thing where the car would detect when something is rubbing along its side. Instead of a rude warning, the one doing the rubbing would hear a recorded sound of a human (gender by request) in pleasure. It would respond, using a feedback mechanism, to increased frequency of rubs and of the friction involved, until a certain point is reached, and the person doing the washing would take that as a sign that he will need a cold shower. One would never go to a car wash again, and female names given to cars will have a new meaning. I am predicting that sales of Japanese cars will be given a boost.


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