The Username Gender Quiz

How gender-prejudiced are you? I collected a number of ambiguous-sounding usernames from some forums I frequent and it is up to you to choose if the name is male or female. You don’t know the website, the profile picture, avatar, or signature. Just the name. You just have to take my word for the answers, and anyway it’s just for bragging rights:

1. Paprika – Male or Female?

2. awo – Male or Female?

3. -WET- – Male or Female?

4. MuayDrew – Male or Female?

5. lynx – Male or Female?

6. TheSmilingBandit – Male or Female?

7. freddieca – Male or Female?

8. killer08 – Male or Female?

9. erato – Male or Female?

10. Erotomania – Male or Female?


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