Acts of Arrogance Not Seen on TV

I read once in a forum that arguing on the Internet is like running in the Special Olympics: “…Even if you win, you’re still retarded.” (Apologies to persons with disabilities.) Today I’m going to feature an example of why this is so.


With permission from Wyld, a moderator on the popular Filipino forum, is the following conversation between Wyld and a member named dirtypop2. Basically (how I hate that word), dirtypop2 railed out against an injustice by another moderator that he perceived. He posted it thus:

isa lng napapansin ko sa MTC, walang kwenta mga MODs dito. example wi WYLD, nakikipag talo sya sa isang member, nung hindi nya matanggap na mali sya, at wala tlga sya sa katiwira, binan nya ung member na yun sa pag post permanently. Abusing his/her power? That’s totally BS. another one is TAMAGO, kunwari tatanggalin nya ung cp number ng babae sa thread nya, pero ang totoo nun gusto lng nya solohin. ung fren kong babae ang nagsabi sakin nun. again, abusing power?

what a bunch of garbage

He posted it in the thread MTC Comments and Suggestions. Was he correct in saying it? I think so. The post was full of feeling and emotion, like all art should. And, like all art, a response from his audience was prompt:


Its so nice to see blanket indictments. Out of curiosity, I remove CP numbers from threads too, its because they aren’t allowed to post it, as per the forum rules.

Perhaps he was taken aback at this benign reply.  A far cry from a suspension of posting privileges, a harsh dressing-down or a permanent IP ban (if internet forums are like religious organizations).


i supposed every single mod does that. What makes Tamago special is that, he saves all the numbers he removed for his own sake. And what can you say about a mod who banned a member permanently because the got pissed?

If you dont wanna get pissed, dont argue, plain and simple. we tried to report to other mods about this, and guess what, they did nothing.

really ridiculous

The avenue to TheSmilingBandit is now closed. But wait, there’s more! Here comes Wyld:

Nice to see im remembered LOL.

Uh … I dont even bother to argue w/ people around here anymore. Its boring.

Much like replying to you is.

Have an awesome week ahead. *Yawn*

ps – if MTC is so “walang kwenta” , then, uhm, why are you posting here?

and another:

How naman do you know that Tamago uses the numbers for his personal use? Are you omniscient?

You should heed your own advice – youre so pissed at us, so dont argue with us.

Sayang your effort, because we are gonna do … guess what ….


Trolls like you are best ignored. 😀

A personal note here: trolls as they are known in the Internet are mischievous netizens who get their kicks out of causing mayhem and chaos in a properly moderated forum. In this case, dirtypop2 is not strictly a troll. Calling someone a troll is meant to be an insult in the Internet world, even I have done it.

So dirtypop2 takes the bait:

i like how you have 48 thousand+ posts and telling me that it bores you to argue, are you contradicting yourself? Are you really that confused?

you dont have to be omniscient to know simple thing like that, are you really that dumb? I have a female friend who said that to me. Tamago erased her number because according to him, thats an offense. The thing is, he saved the number for his own benefit!

oh btw, i like the way you talk, like a faggot, makes more sense why you are behaving in such way.

Get a life fag, 48k+ posts, seriously? what do you do for living? moderating? what a low life creature.

im not pissed tbh, im just pointing out the flaws people like you have. But based on everything i’ve seen, you guys are hopeless. Learn how to comprehend before you react. i didnt say “walang kwenta” to this site. but the people moderating this site. which is Y-O-U

how many free sex did you get from this site? i bet thats one of the reason why you spend so much time here.


… and goes into Internet douchebag territory! What will Wyld, the moderator do? Does she have something up in her sleeves? A trap card, maybe?



That the best you can do, champ?

What? I was getting the popcorn ready here!


lol, it bores you right? and people like me should be ignored right? bat ka nag rereply? i dont give a s@%t if you’re a moderator o creator of this site, at the end of the day, you’ll still be the low life creature who thinks he’s cool lol

seriously, get a life,

pero kung dito lng talaga ang outlet mo dahil maraming bagay ang hindi mo kayang gawin in real life, i might spare you. no one really likes you here except sa mga katulad mo :)

suck to be you faggot.


im having fun dangling you around a chain. LOL

try again, champ. 😀


I’m sure you do. What else do you do aside from “moderating”? might as well enjoy it right? 48k+ posts jesus… get a life fag!

as a moderator, you know nothing, power tripping much, behaving as if you are following some sort of written “rules”.. go f#&k yourself or f#&k with tamago and write a FR for us, baka sakali matuwa pa mga forumer sayo.

may nalalaman ka pang ignore lol, oo mukhang i am being ignored nga. you are amazing nig

faggot like shouldn’t be here in the first place,

Yup! go ahead and do more power trippings, that way makakakuha ka pa ng mas maraming free sex.


Eng? Maybe I’ll just watch my Bugs Bunny collection instead.


One response to “Acts of Arrogance Not Seen on TV

  • neckromancer

    I am not a moderator in, however, I am a moderator on another forum, and I know what arguments like these are. I have also participated in the discussion board of Bishop Tagle’s facebook fanpage. So there.

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