Dear Neckromancer: Totoo Ba?

from a question in’s Behind Closed Doors:

Totoo bang ang matatabang boys ay maliit ang sexual weapon?



Dear C.P.,

There are many ways to know.

1. I believe in Rule 34: If you can imagine it, there is porn of it. Remember, Google is your friend (turn SafeSearch off, and use CCleaner afterwards).

2. Wearing shades in public restrooms. Unfortunately, this will provide a bias against fat people with the dick-do syndrome (their stomachs stick out more than their dick do).

3. Perhaps you would indulge in a personal experiment. See if the penile girth and length (from the root to the glans) shrinks before and after a period of self-imposed gastronomic debauchery. Please share your results.

Last point, I believe in the uniqueness of people, so I can not speak in behalf of all fat guys. There are lots of other factors that can affect penile length and girth, like genetics, luck (‘di ba iisa lang ang genetics at luck?), appliances (I am not talking about unorthodox use of the electric fan), special mantras and exercises taught to me by Sensei K–, basta, there are many factors. Too bad, I have yet to see an analysis using mutiple regression to see which factor has the greatest effect on penile size. Please let me know if you have stumbled upon an article.


Lalo na sa Pinoy, mas nagmumukhang maliit ang junior dahil sa taba na nakapaligid sa puson. Idagdag pa dito kung hindi nagaahit ang lalake, magmumukhang aborigine na nagtatago sa damuhan si Binoy. By the way, I took it that you mean titi/burat/tarugo/junior/Manoy/Binoy when you wrote sexual weapon. With the right knowledge, all parts of the external body can be used for sex.




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