Jack the Nipper

Hello, I call myself Jack the Nipper and I am here for Neckromancer while he is busy playing long RPGs; that, and doing his thesis. I don’t get paid for this, but I get to access his accounts in e-henta9843yrh9p8hgG*&G89

Something bit me in the neck, but I don’t think he had learned to be a mambabarang yet.


As for me, I’m Jack. Unlike Neckromancer, who does not work and does not have the money to pay me for this, I make things sharp, because I am a vaciador. I have a small shop, Jack the Nipper-09202289658, near the dota cafe where I court the girl. I’m not much of a writer but I have the best solutions to love. Neckromancer told me he also writes about sex but I am not that dirty. I am only matulis.

For those who are interested in my services, just leave your question in the comment and I will answer it wholeheartedly.


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