Seen Around the Internets: Nerdities!

Welcome to As Seen On the Internets:

Here are a few things for you to experience:

Nethack: Often described as a “roguelike,” whatever that means today. It is a very old computer game. Almost as old as Super Mario, it is still under development. In fact, your character looks like this: @. But it is more addictive than Angry Birds, more classic than Queen, more intelligent than high school Ibong Adarna. You play as a fantasy hero starting from level one, with a pet. You are tasked with retrieving an amulet for your deity. You can fight; you can cast spells; you can die. Horribly. You can eat (you should, really, or you faint) and drink from potions and fountains. You can buy and sell things to shopkeepers. Or you can fight the shopkeepers. It is like a fresh puzzle everytime.

The Internet Oracle: Before Dear Neckromancer, there was the Usenet Oracle. Here are the best selections.

Progress Quest: Want to play a fantasy RPG but you don’t have the time or the ADHD level required? Or do you just want to indulge yourself in a great wry joke? Here is a “game” that all you have to do is roll a character. Have fun tracking your hero’s “progress.”

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