Scammers in Craigslist? This is news

I found this funny ad in

I have to say that most likely 90 % of these posts are SCAMS.

Girls in the Philippines mostly have a broken accent at best if they can fully conjugate English. Even the ones whom have studied enough to communicate for call centers and the like do not speak a fluent, straigght forward English like these posts have. All will have a much different form from the American or England English. They do not say things like ” looking for” or ” going out” , in the Philippines the people would more say something like ” me and you same same” to try and communicate on a basic level. The ones that are educated and can communicate would say more along the lines of ” an outing ” not going out, or ” accepting a courter” , not searching for a husband etc. They speak a much different english that is almost old style for the ones whom have learned.

ALL have a brokem cnjugation at some point, even the ones who have lived in the Stated or abroad for many years.

You shoudl be very cautious of who you give your information to.

Save your emails and complaints scammers and spammers

Surprise! Surprise! Yes, a lot of them are scams. I wonder how you found out. Wink, wink. But I disagree with your racism. I don’t think you are a good enough authority to disparage Filipinas and their use of the English language. With your disdain of spellcheck and not reading your work, I say you are worse than an earnest Filipina. I think you’re not a native English user yourself. Are you using Google Translate?

After that rant, it behooved me (behooved daw o!) to surf along craigslist for an ad to refute this simpleton. So I present this…OH PLEASE NO!!!

I am a simple woman looking for a partner in life… I just hope to meet someone here… I do have too many interests and one is blogging… One is @#^%)^*_&*()&%#t , type that in google and u can read all my blogs…

Anyways, i am serching for someone nice, 37 to 50 years old and someone to be my friend first.

I think I will be kind enough not to post her picture or her blog or the address of the ad.


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