Thoughts for the Day # 44

On the radiation reaching the Philippines:

Well, here’s the natural contraceptive we have waited for. Maybe a large number of of women and men of reproducing age will get irradiated, and poof, will become sterile. After thoroughly following the “go forth and multiply,” Nature finds a way. We can’t ban radiation. We can’t legislate the regulation of natural disasters. We can’t sue nature.

Hey, it is natural. Radiation is only following the laws of physics. The tsunami and the earthquake are natural disasters, “acts of God,” even, as insurance companies would like to call it.

Or maybe we’ll have our own version of X-Men. Mutation, anyone? We already have a firestarter, and Jaime Licauco can serve as their bald mentor. Only we have to hope that mutated children gain useful powers instead of the usual cancer.

Asian Professor X - the nonperverted kind of X


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