Deconstructing My Grocery List

Today marks the third month that I have been hired as a trainee in my present work, the one that made me relocate from the mountains of Bulacan to the heart of Baclaran. Lacking relatives in that area, I opted to be a bedspacer.

I sleep with one other person in one room, and I claim the upper bed on the double-decked construction that is my bed. I also have a small larder, actually a large pail that used to hold biscuits. It stems from my obedience to my mother’s advice given so long ago: “Huwag kang magpagutom.” Since then, stocking my pail has been part of my bi-monthly routine in the quest to be self-sufficient.

Enough about me. But if you want to know more, here’s my grocery list. You could know more about me by studying this.

February 2, 2011

1/2 kg Sampaguita Brown sugar

3 Payless Instant Mami Chicken with Malunggay

500 g Quaker Instant Oats Original

1 Mega Sardines in Tomato Sauce (pouch)

2 Mega Hot and Spicy Sardines in Tomato Sauce (pouch)

1 Family Sardines Spanish Style

2 Del Monte Pineapple Tidbits (pouch)

3 Nestea Lemon Iced Tea Litro pack

1 Star Margarine Garlic Flavor

Cuddles Cotton Buds

Safeguard Beige

Heno de Pravia

Mediplast Checker Strips

– My comments later.

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