Food Blogs

For those who believe that the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, I beg to disagree. Nothing beats a very sharp stake; just be sure to aim between the ribs.

For those who didn’t like the vampire reference above, here is my apology. I don’t really talk like that, all full of morbidity and weirdness. Sometimes I just think about them. Other times I think of food, Filipino food, that is. To prove it, I present to you, Gentle Readers, a list of what I browse when I think of food:

  • Burnt Lumpia – Co-founder of the Manila Machine, that L.A. food cart that sells Pinoy food one sees on TV, this man is so fond of Pinoy food, he feels the need to share it with the world. He has also been featured in Jessica Soho’s TV show, cooking chili pepper adobo. A kindred spirit, he is unofficial high priest of Lechonism.
  • I Live to Eat – No, this is not the blog for that QTV11 show, though it could have been. This is one of Ms. Jenny Valmonte’s blogs, and one of the most gorgeous. She takes beautiful pictures of food, and she does eat them. Unlike other food blogs, this one doesn’t feel snobbish. Light humor and bright colors leave me going for my larder.
  • Serious Eats – This isn’t fully Filipino, but I look at the Filipino tags and check out the Filipino community. A thing I like about this is the ease with how people talk about food with each other like in a forum, yet it reads like a blog. This is huge. And serious.

– In an unrelated note, I found a new ulam to crave here in Pasay.

2 responses to “Food Blogs

  • Jenn

    Awww… I am so touched naman! Thanks for featuring my blog, Coy!

    Ano yang ulam na yan, patikim naman!

    • neckromancer

      Para siyang adobo in that a variety of meats (except pork, siyempre) and vegetables are cooked in a certain style. Nakalimutan ko iyung tawag, pero niluluto iyung meat (or vegetable, I ate langka once) in coconut milk, shredded coconut, chili and other spices (turmeric, I think, dahil sa kulay ng sabaw). It is displayed separately from the liquid, pero binibigay ulit pagkakain na. Ito ang sabaw na hindi ko hihigupin. It is like a very savory and spicy ginataan, except that malayo sa Bicol ang flavor. At ang automatic na serving nila e 2 cups of rice. 🙂

      Under the LRT 1 station at least 4 carinderias serve nothing but this.

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