Idea for a Song

A few days ago, I decided to go out early to work. I was thinking it was high time to scout out an alternate route when traffic gets the better of me. I believe in planning ahead.

It was a late morning, promising a cool afternoon because of the sudden shower. I got out my umbrella. As I went my way, ears blaring with music, my right hand hoisting the ugly umbrella, and the left clutching my shoulder bag, I was in my own world. I never knew I would be looked at as a savior by anyone then.

Yet I was (I think). I heard someone call me (“Mamang may payong!”) and immediately went under my protection. She was a girl, and she briefly asked me to transport her to where she intends to take her ride. At this time I will share with you, my reader, one of my weaknesses: smiles.

So I readily agreed. In my mind I was thinking, “Hey, I’d like to be her friend!” and “Anyway, it is still early before I need to go to work.” All the while, my feet were already matching hers.

We crossed an overpass, and found an open area to wait for a jeepney to somewhere. She briefly explained her situation n snatches: she was running late, she forgot her umbrella, and it was too late to buy one. I was half-listening, because I didn’t need to know. Next thing happened I volunteered to ride with her.

It was a bad mistake. Inside the jeepney, the blood which may have pooled to my arm when I was holding up the umbrella returned to my brain. The jeep was going the wrong way. As in it will take me three hours to reverse my steps if I continued.

I ignored the smiling old woman in the jeepney and got off.


If you know my girlfriend, please keep this a secret.


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