Cartoons Should Not Be Used As Examples of an Advocacy Against Violence Against Children

So I logged in to facebook and found myself staring at pictures of cartoons. My first instinct, that it was part of a worldwide attack against the onslaught of 3D animated movies, was too simple to be true; so I asked a friend what it all meant. He explained that it was indeed a protest, an advocacy, not unlike the hoopla a year ago when women (and a few other men who wish they were) put in colors to represent their bra straps; this apparently did something to raise awareness of breast cancer (I was aware all right, but for the wrong reasons). So instead of a Christmas message we get an engineered fad to raise awareness on violence against children. The message was this, facebook users use a cartoon character from a show they liked as children to remind people not to hit children.

Will it work? Maybe they think it is because that children are supposed to be innocent, gentle beings but growing up Filipino, I know they are not. According to a strip by Maniz Abrera (Kiko Machine), children at play are fairly vicious by themselves. What with a pregame chant with “saksak puso, tulo ang dugo” (word for word: (when you) stab (the) heart, the blood flows) in the stanza, they’re a good bunch of hooligans already. Add to that the contests in holding one’s breath, striking the back of the knee of an unsuspecting playmate, catching spiders and making them fight each other, children are being violent even without adult approbation.

What I think the point and appeal of this current fad is to cater to twenty-somethings who miss their childhood. Looking back at mine, I found that cartoons are not the best way to espousea belief of  anti-violence against children. I used to spend Saturday mornings watching Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies on TV. You know that slapstick act? Clearly for adults.

For the record, I changed my profile picture into one showing Pacquiao beating up Marquez’s face.


6 responses to “Cartoons Should Not Be Used As Examples of an Advocacy Against Violence Against Children

  • Noelle

    I agree that cartoons are useless in the fight against child abuse and violence. I agree that this fad… thing… caters to 20-somethings who miss their childhood.

    *sighs* But it’s so damn fun looking at the cartoons of my childhood. I couldn’t really care about the real reason why everyone is changing their profile pics to old cartoons, but it is so much fun!

    Ayan ha, nag-comment na ko ;P

  • neckromancer

    Hahaha… Thanks and welcome to the Lambingin Bridge. Sige gagawa na ako ng test natin.

  • don dee

    You make a valid point. But regardless, the INTENTION of the thing outweighs its shortcomings. That it made you think about the issue for a minute, I believe is some measure of success — if nothing else.

  • Monex

    …………………………………………………SYDNEY – Countries around the world are acknowledging the pervasiveness of violence against children a first step toward working to alleviate the problem the executive director of Cape Breton Universitys Childrens Rights Centre says..Katherine Covell was in New York last week as part of an advisory council following up on the United Nations Study on Violence against Children. The study which was released last year looked at violence against children globally.

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