Thoughts for the Day (Week) #37

To my present life as a bedspacer I look to history for inspiration. When Jose Rizal was staying in Europe he bought a box of biscuits and a bottle of alcohol (for heat, perhaps, though he either planned to drink it or ignite it for light). Perhaps if he was alive today he will buy a rectangular can of biscuits commonly seen served with coffee and thin macaroni soup in funerals. I am planning the same to save money on breakfasts.



To new graduates off to work this year and the next, this is my thought as an old man: Your actions will somehow reflect what school you went to. In a larger sense: who your friends are, the lessons you learned, your weak subjects, and what culture you grew up in. I grant you that. But please, don’t take it the other way too. Your school doesn’t represent you.



I am surprised BUGSO/SAGAD made it this far selling their publication. With the internet making it possible for free porn, a tabloid featuring nothing but mostly black and white pictures and stolen sex stories from the internet is a creature of heroic struggle. Against all odds ba.


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