(The following comments are tasteless.)

In a nutshell, a heavily-armed man was seen by the police in the streets of residential Makati, and was pursued. He went into several houses, attempted to take hostages, killed two bystanders and was shot by the SWAT. The police is still attempting to identify him.


Let’s just name him “Tommy Vercetti” for a while.


Artist's conception



Reasons Why I Think This Person’s Trying to be a Videogame Criminal:

1. He was said to be heavily-armed, packing at least a submachine gun, a revolver and a grenade. One does not pick up such things lying on the ground.

2. He tried to steal a motorcycle from a fireman. Stealing a motorcycle from a 24 -year experienced fireman does not consist only of pulling the victim to the ground. He shot him (the bastard).

3. By now you might have inferred from entries #1 and #2, that Tommy Vercetti was on foot. Let me repeat that. A HEAVILY-ARMED MAN WALKING ALONG THE SOUTH SUPERHIGHWAY.

4. He went inside a house, maybe thinking this would erase his wanted level, but no, real life does not work that way. He did not purchase the safehouse earlier.

5. However, he was said to ride a jeepney to another house where he stayed. It could have been a taxi, but it was in residential Makati.


He must have been confused when the police were still onto him, even deploying a SWAT team just for running away from the law.The first hostage he took was a child, but he released her. I think it is because of further confusion, there are no children in the GTA games. He fled to another house, where he happily disturbed the lives of a family with a terminally-ill grandmother (from cancer, no less). Further details are sketchy. However, it is still not sure whether he died from a bullet shot by the SWAT (who climbed noisy tin roofs to get to him) or suicide from desperation. I believe he shot himself out of hope. Maybe he thought shooting himself will allow him to wake up with a full health bar in Makati Med.


Wasted. In Tagalog, WASAK.


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