Noontime Show Hosts

– I read somewhere that Rico J. Puno now hosts a noontime show after Willie Revillame left. What were they thinking?

– People I’d like to see host a noontime show:

5. Carlos Celdran – Can he do more than yell at priests?

4. Mike Enriquez – Get him out of primetime news. I like Mike Enriquez, but if he’s going to entertain me, please let it not be at primetime news.

3. Shalala – You know, the guy who used to be Kuya Germs’ sidekick in his super early morning show? The one who now screams for his paycheck in Talentadong Pinoy? That one. Let him scream in front of the audience everyday. And they scream back. For two hours. Five days a week. And let him be a regular in Talentadong Pinoy, screaming.

2. The dog who plays Bantatay – I think he can do anything. Like Blue’s Clues.

1. John Lloyd Cruz – I saw him stand in for Willie during one of those suspensions and wow! He got charisma. Handles the audience well, asks questions nicely but plays well to what the people want. Better get him right after he gets unstuck.


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