Factsheet, or 26 Things About Me

1. I’m not competitive. That’s a disadvantage for games. It crippled me socially until college.

2. I think I’m cup A.

3. I think I have empathy with animals. Until they try to bite me.

4. I have never tried shaving my head.

5. I have tried plucking my nose hairs.

6. I am very absent-minded. Or maybe just easily distracted.

7. I used to write poems. I wrote beautifully, until someone read them.

8. You will make me happy if you let me watch old Joey De Leon movies.

9. I used to watch Voltes V when I was very young, but I was too young to understand the story.

10. I loved Shaider, however, because it was aired in Filipino. When it was re-aired by GMA, I liked it because of the weirdness and the horror. And because of Annie.

11. On facebook, I fool around with Cafe World, Frontierville and Mafia Wars.

12. But I am loyal to newgrounds.com

13. Hail Tom Fulp! Death to ebaumsworld!

14. I like the color blue. Maybe it will save my life someday.

15. I once survived three days without defecating.

16. My favorite comic superhero is Spider-Man.

17. I didn’t outgrow my love for history: medieval ages, ancient history, the Second World War.

18. I did outgrow my fear of the dark.

19. But not my fear of heights.

20. I don’t cry, for such is unmanly. I weep.

21.I got the name neckromancer from wordplay on neck, romance, necromancer.

1st image for "neckromancer." Image from imaginarymonsters.com

22. Once I submitted a piece of doggerel rhymes on the internet. Imagine my surprise when a mail came in saying my poem has been chosen to appear in a book! All I have to do was correct the poem that got transcribed, and to pay for a copy of the book. 😦

23. Among Loony Tunes, I like Daffy Duck. Among Disney characters, I identify with Goofy. Tells something about myself.

24.I only have two permanent teeth extracted, stubborn molars.

25.The last fact was unnecessary, and served only to extend this list.

26. I was born on October 19. πŸ™‚


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