Thoughts for the Day # 32

– If  “in wine there is truth,” what is there in recreational drugs?

– Which is harder? Thinking of a gift for a person who has everything, or thinking up something to say to a suffering friend?

– For out of school youth (for out-of-school-youth by choice ha? I have the utmost respect for people who can not study because of poverty), this is what I say: You are not exempt from World Teachers’ Day. For seeing what you do, you teach parents to pray, that their children do not grow up the way you stay.

4 responses to “Thoughts for the Day # 32

  • don dee

    In vino veritas. In RX, happYness.

    I hugged a friend yesterday who is terminally ill with cancer. There was nothing more for me to say. I hugged her and kissed her on the forehead. And that was that. Prognosis, she will die in the next few weeks, at the most.

  • cheesecake

    yeah mahirap icomfort ang isang taong mamamatay na. dumalaw kami sa isang kaibigan and talked to her, a few days later she died.

  • smilesnhighfives

    I live in a Drug-Infested Neighborhood… Lemme rephrase that.

    I live in a “Non Drug User”-infested neighborhood. (Yes, the drug users outnumber the non-users)

    Whenever I ask one why he uses drugs, the reply goes like “Sa dami ng problema, dito lang nawawala.” but afterwards, they usually follow it up with “pero pag pababa na ang amats, biglang balik ulit ng problema.”

    I personally think it’s stupid.

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