Deconstructing: Tough Hits #1

This series will be a transcription of the popular Tough Hits by Tito Vic and Joey. Whoever said you have to be gay, bald or missing a tooth to make people laugh?

Explanations will be by demand. Kunyari hindi niyo magets yung joke. 🙂

This is the first image on Google for "tough hits" which is not related to TVJ. I'm not complaining.

(from Beatles Department -Tough Hits Volume 2)

Before this dance is through

I think my life is through

I get groggy when I dance with you

I get itchy when I hold your hand

Oh your smell I could not understand

If there’s something that you’d really rather do

Is to take a bath linggo-linggo?




If I Fell

Umapela ako sa ‘yo

Ako ay binasted mo

Dahil ba sa ermats mo

Pagkat ako’y nahuli

ako at ang ermats mo

Na nagho-holding hands

If I give my heart to you

Then I must be sure

from the very start that you

would love me more than her

‘Cause I couldn’t stand the pain

Anay, bukbok,termite,surot, bug pest control!

Mapecon, ang T-shirt niya’y nylon

Chachacha, ang T-shirt niya’y katsa!

Hard Day’s Night

It’s been a hard day’s night

And I’ve been working like a dog

It’s been a hard day’s night

And I’ve been working like a dog

But when I get home to you

I find the things that you do



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