On Carlos Celdran

First, I want to thank him for entertaining me last night on TV. That one was priceless, dressed up in a dark suit reminiscent of Jose Rizal and sneaking up on Cardinal Rosales and holding up a sign with “DAMASO” printed on it.

But, no. That was not bravery. That was just foolishness. As of this writing as far as I know his stunt did very little to push public opinion towards his side (pro-RH bill).

His Claim to Recent Fame

He won’t be (in)famous if he wasn’t arrested. That said, I admired him for his balls when he said he didn’t have any regrets for his actions. But excommunicated? No, a person brave enough (or stoked enough) to do that won’t be afraid of excommunication, not even counting his standard answer that he will join another religious group. There are enough Catholics in politics.

On his supporters making two fan pages on facebook, one calling for his release and one calling for his prolonged stay in jail, I found another funny thing to poke about. Yes, it is better that he stay in jail. Much better if in Fort Santiago, and people would pay to see him there ranting about his views. In that awfully hot suit. The state and the city of Manila will benefit from this. And the group he supports too.

Image from my_sarisari_store.typepad.com

What He Should Have Done

I admit I am a bit of a “performance artist” myself *wink, wink* and as an amateur to a professional I have a bit of advice to him, just like the classic Pinoy miron:

1. What he should have done is not to put the Filipino Catholic Church in a bad light. As a political strategist (a very amateur one, so please don’t monitor me, ISAFP) attacking a very old institution with the motive of undermining its credibility and the people’s trust in it is very risky and invites anarchy. All governments hate anarchy. Besides, in a formal debate that one could be construed as an argumentum ad hominem.

2. What he should have done is not to interrupt Mass. People know Mass is a serious affair, and would be confused if they should laugh at your stunt. Besides, it is a meal and interrupting meals is one unspoken violation of friendship with a Filipino.

3. What he should have done is not to display a placard with “DAMASO” printed on it. And emulating Rizal? He won’t pass as Rizal. He looks very mestizo. He is stocky. He sports a big forehead. Rizal had a big head. He is a tour guide. He should know how ignorant Filipinos are of literary figures.

4. What he should have done is make a video. He could have gone two ways, either post a unique, funny skit on youtube or engineered a homemade zex video. Either way it would have made noise for millions of people. Not just for the people hearing Mass.


I thought I saw him somewhere. There are not very many mestizos around. Could he be related to my childhood idol, David “Battle of the Brains”  Celdran? Perhaps in a trippy magazine or a guest in one of RJ Ledesma’s shows.

Pustahan tayo, may kukuhang TV network sa kanya paglaya niya. 🙂

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