Thoughts for the Day # 30

– I labeled the wrong 3oth Thoughts for the Day. Next!

– Maybe I really am getting old.

– I tried a (I know it is not new) concept today, posting a preliminary topic in the morning, doing my stuff the whole day thinking about what to put in this blog. Then logging back in the evening to put it down while it is still fresh. Whole day prep, internet diary, call it what you will. Here go my thoughts for the day:

  • I was reminded of the reach of ordinary human kindness by a bowl of lugaw. I was short of funds because I paid an unexpected fee earlier but I was really hungry and I needed to eat before my bus ride, so I decided to just buy plain lugaw. The woman serving the lugaw gave me a tiny bowl, but I was surprised because it also held a small piece of pig heart and a chunk of pork taba.
  • I was also reminded of the reach of human greed by the week-long color game being held across the street from the lugawan. Wala namang fiesta. Wala ring paki ang mga pulis around the vicinity. May tongpats kaya?

Or maybe I just looked *that* impoverished.

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