Thoughts for the Day # 29

Maybe you missed me. Maybe not. Here’s what I was/am doing:

– I am currently typing this with a warm beer (it’s my sister’s birthday) and a warmer head. The temperature decided to be warmer too, when 2 hours earlier it was wet and cold outside the house.

– My RPG in the playbyweb forums is underway. I can’t believe I got three other people who have greater experience than me to play. You can check it out at playbyweb and a blog about the setting in wordpress.

Very Short Review I finally tried out Battlefield Bad Company 2. It really is picking on Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and has funnier characters, destructive environments, and a shorter single player. It even gives you the chance to die freezing in a blizzard.

– Here’s a good pic from the internets:

image from

(I’m turning 26 in October. *wink wink*)


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