Thoughts for the Day # 28

As I was riding the bus home, I looked at the TV and thought it looked like a security camera. So when I got home and found people glued to the TV because of a hostage situation covered by the news, I thought two things:

– Kaya pala… and

– Holy Shrek! Walang Pilyang Kerubin!

But there was Pilyang Kerubin, even though it looked like it went through the merciless snips of their censors. Now you know my vice. 🙂

– I’m not writing more about the hostage “drama” (some say comedy). Tomorrow, the news will be all over it, with analysis from all sorts of angles like how they study Pacquiao’s fights. I’m not trivializing it, nor glorifying it. I’m condemning that kind of journalism that makes mountains out of anthills. Dahil walang mole sa dear old ‘Pinas.

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