Hope Lives!

Yesterday, I received this text message from the dean, saying I must be present myself at 6 PM in her office. Being the delinquent student that I am, I dreaded the visit, but I decided not to be absent. I fell asleep with images of warrants and a subpoena floating in my head.

The next day, I woke up early to go to my “patient.” He lives in Rizal, working for my aunt’s family as a driver. My aunt shouldered many of the hospital expenses for him, and I was dispatched as his therapist because I was “free.” To maximize my time, I decided to go to him weekly.

Today, he had a surprise for me. He can now bend his left hip and knee a little. I taught him to use some of this newly-found strength for him to help his wife to take care of him.

Then I went to school. And wonder of wonders! I was given a new direction! A new lease on life! A fresh start on a new thesis!

I rushed to the NKTI (the same institute I insulted some blog posts ago) to visit a relative.

When I rode the tricycle home, the driver even gave me exact change!


Of course, a day wouldn’t pass without humor in my life. When I was changing into pambahay, a cockroach crept inside my pants leg to annoy me and drive me crazy. Yun lang.

Hope lives!

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