Racists Say the Darndest Things!

Source archive:  RSTDT

Some examples:

Quote# 74546

jews are 36% Negroid

DNA studies prove that jews have as much as 36% Negroid genes, and NO Israelite, Caucasian, or White genes. Other jewish sources report that jews also have Turkish, Khazarian, and Mongolian genes

A.E. Mourant in The Genetics of Jews (Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1978) cites reports of blood group tests on thousands of individual Jews in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. A strain of genetic homogeneity runs through Jewry. Jews as a group differ from their host populations as a group having a Negro admixture of 5 to 10 per cent. This refutes the Khazar theory of Jewish origin. Even in Russia there have been very few Khazars.

(Boldfaced words are my doing. Just to show the height of stupidity these people have. Jewish without Israelite DNA? Being Israeli is not a race, but a political condition.)

Quote# 74464

[From a thread titled, “Mexicans do not love America.”]

The problem is even though we kicked their butt and paid the Mexican government for the land, the Mexican people still think they have rights to it.

What we should have done after we kicked butt and paid for it is built a huge canal, like the Panama Canal. Also, we should have put some of our military bases along the borders as well.

Now, with what we know, I feel that they did this on purpose so that they would have another enemy of our folk besides the blacks that they imported here from Africa. Blacks and Mexicans are too stupid to realize that they’re being played by the Jews to further the Jewish interests.

(Wait a minute. It wasn’t Mexicans who imported the blacks. It was first Spaniards, then British and French, WHITE people.)

The website mentioned is a collection of the vilest, most stupid hate in forums around the world. Brain bleach is required. Definitely Not Safe For Work.

2 responses to “Racists Say the Darndest Things!

  • smilesnhighfives

    I don’t think I’ll be checking out the source right now. I’m suffering from Arthritis and I need happy thoughts. Hehehe.

    I stumbled upon a Satanist website once and found that the members were usually messed up. I almost signed up but one thing stopped me. I’d rather go Atheist than go Satanist. Lol.

  • neckromancer

    @smilesnhighfives: You’re Suffering from Arthritis? Nice to meet you, Mr. Suffering. (Joke lang!)

    Seriously, maybe you can PM me on a forum if you have any questions. I’d like to help.

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