Lito Lapid

Pinaglaruan nang kaunti.


Picture from Hay! Men

Idea from

Software by Microsoft. Teka, hindi yata tunay na lalake ang “Micro”-“soft.”


2 responses to “Lito Lapid

  • Don Dee

    I checked Gibo’s FB page last night. Still much bitterness there. Move on people. Noynoy is the president. One week into it and the country is doing just fine. I have high hopes in fact that justice will be served in this administration. Baligtaran na ang mga reluctant witnesses to Gloria’s crimes. Had Gibo won, would these fcukers come out of the woodwork? Mag-isip ng konti mga ulol.

  • Don Dee

    Dang, sorry, wrong comment on the wrong entry agen. I am genius! lol.

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