Some words for our new officials

Last week, TV news made a big fuss over new politicians (especially celebrities) taking a crash course (I think the preferred term is workshop) on local Philippine politics. The workshop was sponsored by the University of the Philippines. Manny Pacquiao attended another, specifically made for him, in the Development Academy of the Philippines.

I like to know what lessons the teachers (one of whom was 2010 Senatorial candidate Neric Acosta) imparted to these students. It is well that UP has decided to do this, and I am not going to complain. Still, we should know that letting these new politicians graduate from their system is not the proof of they having learned something. That remains to be seen three years from now.

They might have been taught the steps in creating laws. But they have to learn about what laws are needed. They might have been taught how to but they have to learn how to listen to their constituents. They might have been taught how to use their CDF/pork barrel/whatever they call this nowadays, but they have to learn how to control oneself from abusing it.

Then again, I have some things that these new politicians (they have to bear with the term before I let them wear the word statesman) have to know when they enter this brave new world. Words.

1. Humility
2. Responsibility
3. Integrity
4. Guidance
5. Mortality

Please learn these words well. Please.


One response to “Some words for our new officials

  • Don Dee

    At first I thought you had a typo error when you said “mortality”. But then again, I thought, yeah that’s right. Mortality is way better than morality. Being keenly aware that all these things are ephemeral — power, money, etc. is the right lesson to be learned.

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