Thoughts for the Day # 19

– Today I checked my account at facebook. I received a few threatening messages from a person (I’m sure he is). He even went as far as saying that I don’t own the Catholic Church (I don’t claim I do). And happily, he recognized the picture on my avatar as Johnny Enrile in the ’70s. I thank him for that. And all that because I dared to speak (really, I just typed my reply) out against his post that was out of the keeping with Bishop Tagle’s nature. The post was dripping with hate and flaming baits. I could have posted the link for you, if I wanted to shame him, or just wreak vengeance on him for disturbing my quiet life, but I just want you, my dear 4 readers, to learn from my experience. Sabi nga sa Bible, “Blessed are the peacemakers.” It didn’t mean the gun.

– Reflecting on that I think sometime in my childhood I have thought of a vocation in the priesthood. But upon remembering the contents of this blog I am not fit to be. But I did help establish a para-religious group (a la NGO) in high school named Iglesia ni Uy.

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