Thoughts for the Day # 13

– As time goes by, I hope no one is seriously offended by me.

– I spend the days drugged with painkillers (NSAIDs only) until I get my tooth pulled. Is it just me, or are generic mefenamic acid less potent than branded ones?

– I miss old place names in the Philippines. Places like Parang (Marikina), Malaria (Caloocan) and Trabajo (somewhere in Manila) are slowly being replaced by meaningless words like Eastwood, Project 4, and names of people who do not lend history and meaning to streets which they rename.

What do the following places originally mean?
1. Stop and Shop
2. Sta. Mesa (Santang may apat na paa?)
3. Tungkong Mangga
4. Litex
5. Cubao
6. Baclaran
7. Lagro
8. Letre
9. Malabon
10. 29 de Agosto

4 responses to “Thoughts for the Day # 13

  • -=K=-

    I can’t forget that day when I took the jeepney on the way home from my beloved alma mater in Espana –

    Driver: San ka galing?
    Guy: Sa Trabajo

    I began to laugh uncontrollably and everyone was staring at me. I didnt know there was a street named Trabajo for Chrissakes! Fuck! Stupid stupid stupid!

  • neckromancer

    Thanks for the input.

    If you know a blogger who has touched on this subject, please let me know, otherwise, it will be a great project for us all. Metro trivia! Who cares about pig orgasms?

  • netto.hikari1

    ang alam ko base sa kung ano man ang marami sa lugar na ‘yon ang pinagbabasehan nung pangalan ng lugar, tulad ng kamias [maraming kamias], kamuning [maraming kamuning, local jasmine], baclaran [maraming ……

  • neckromancer

    Baklad. That’s one theory.

    There’s a place in Bulacan named Tungkong Mangga. Literally the two words mean “stove mango.” What is a stove mango? Is it a stove made of mangoes? Or a stove used for cooking mangoes?

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