Deconstructing PLDT MyDSL Commercial

The model’s the same guy who plays an accordion and a harmonica on an earlier commercial. That was decent, but I like this one because as a viewer on facebook said, it is full of internet memes. Now if you don’t know yet what a “meme” is, it is just jargon for “uso.” Just like Lola Techie, Jejemons and Jejebusters, LOLcats, Moymoy Palaboy and others who came into popularity via the internet.


1 It’s just me…

2 and a panda playing keys

3 and an elf

4 puppets swaying

5 a tarsier’s eyes a-widening (high lilt in the voice here suggests a castrati)

6 Adding new friends and sharing my pics

7 Level 10 mechas and sword swinging chicks

8 LOLcats versus Pacman the Champion

9 Joining the mates and getting our grooves on!

(Spoken: The Internet is as big as you want it to be. Get more out of it. With unlimited broadband, landline and watchpad. Triple-play service only from the new PLDT myDSL. Going beyond broadband.)

And here’s what they mean!

1-2 I really don’t know. Maybe they got it confused from badger (Badger, Badger)?

3 PLDT is a major stockholder of Level-Up Games, among others. It may refer to RF, MuOnline and other MMORPGs occupying countless Filipino teens.

4 Puppets. I don’t know. Maybe Wan Lu of Talentadong Pinoy or Achmed the Terrorist? has a good collection of these.

5 Tracked it to “Dramatic Lemur”. Thanks, google!

6 The video clearly implies social networking sites. Not seen: porn and cybersex chatting

7 MMORPGs again. PLDT wants YOU to PLAY…

8 Internet LOLcats and Manny Pacquiao’s fights. Hmmm…

9 “Mates” here refer to the inmates of the Cebu Prison where videos of the dancing to pop songs were circulated.

Added Trivia:

1. The puppets wear Chicago Bulls shirts
2. Seen references for blogger, myspace, facebook and what I think to be multiply.
3. The blue girl beside the Pacman reference? Is that Lady Gaga? And is that Domo-kun behind the blogger reference?
4. Find the 300 (Greek hoplite) reference and Mr. T!

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