Deconstructing the COMELEC Sample Ballot

Here is the sample ballot the Commission on Elections used in the past demonstration of how unready they are. Apparently, the COMELEC’s program for voters’ education aside from the Sex Bomb Girls will consist of mailing the sample ballot with very simple instructions to millions of voters less than a month before the actual elections. I repeat, that means by post, not electronic mail or even through text (which is undeniably faster and only a little bit less inaccurate than post).

The video.

I saw the picture of the sample ballot in a blog and I found out some interesting things about it. Instead of using real candidate names, the makers of the sample ballot used random names and words for the testing.

The question is, are the choice of words really random? Let’s see.

Here are the candidates of the sample ballot for President (together with my comments):
1. AGUINALDO, Emilio F “Magdalo” (NPC) – NPC huh?
2. BONIFACIO, Andres D “Supremo” (LP) – Now Bonifacio’s LP (Noynoy’s party)? It doesn’t appear that random to me now.
3. BURGOS, Jose Apolonio G “Gomburza2” (LP) – The LP’s got two candidates?
4. DEL PILAR, Gregorio S “Tirad Pass” (PRP) – I’m amused by this. Del Pilar is in league with Sen. Miriam Santiago!
5. GOMEZ, Mariano G “Gomburza1” (ANAKPAWIS) – Clearly enjoyable
6. JACINTO, Emilio D “Pingkian” (KAMPI) – This is the real Anakpawis
7. LUNA, Antonio N “La Independencia” (PDR) – Looking at the earlier entries, names were accompanied by nicknames or pseudonyms. Does it mean that the maker of this sample ballot didn’t know Luna used “Taga-ilog”?
8. MABINI, Apolinario M “Apo” (BUHAY) – Isn’t Apo supposed to be F. Marcos?
9. RIZAL, Jose P “Pepe” (NP) – Now Jr is NP?
10. Zamora, Jacinto D “Gomburza3” (ANAKPAWIS)

Now the roster for VP and Senatoriables are boring except for some notable entries:
For Senator:
ALVAREZ, Mariano C. “GMA” (NPC) – An obscure hero sporting an ubiquitous nickname. Hrrmmrrmm…
DE LOS SANTOS, Epifanio “Don Panyong” (PRP) – Why not EDSA?
FELIPE, Julian C “Bayang Magiliw” (PNP) – Pop culture or correctness?!

Now, the main event, PARTYLIST!!!

14K – This is an obscure boyband. Interesting choice of a “sample” candidate.
17:28 – same
3rd Avenue – where do they get these? Anyone?
6Cyclemind – OK…
8 Inches – I don’t get it, but I’m not complaining. A hit with the ladies. And gays.
Aegis – Boybands, now we are definitely in to jukebox territory.
Affinity – ?
Afterimage – “Next in Line,” “Habang May Buhay.” The designer of this sample ballot was in a KTV when he/she made this.
Akafellas – Then his daughter wrote down something when he wasn’t looking.
APO Hiking Society – same with his old maid aunt.
April Morning Sky – Is this a band? Or a swear word?
Bagong Lumad – Joey Ayala! You never disappoint!
Bamboo – The COMELEC designer then turned on the Sunday radio and heard Tatsulok.
Banyuhay – and his activist nephew promptly turned up his casette recording of Heber Bartolome
Battle of Pasong Tamo – WTF?
Battle of Pinaglabanan – More WTF?
Baywalk Bodies – A band? Or a battle? Or a gateway to hell?
Bodjie’s Law of Gravity – “Ssaaaannnnna, Dalawa ang Pussho Koh!”
Boyfriends – Definitely Sunday FM radio
Brownbeat Allstars – Of course, NU107 does requests on Sundays
Brownman Revival – See?
Bukas Palad – Even Radio Veritas!
Callalily –
Cambio –
Chicosci – You know where this is going…
Chrissa – Anyone?
Color it Red – “At ang tanging pabaon ko… Ay babol gum!”
Cry of Balintawak –
Cry of Pugadlawin – allegedly one and the same, just two names for the same event. An example of a nuisance candidate
Cuerpo de Compromisarios – A Mexican party?
Da Pulis – “Mahirap talagang maging… Fuge!”
Dagtang Lason – Bangis!
Datus Tribe – Yeah boy!
Diario De Manila – Uh…
Dice and K9 Mobbstarr – Double Uhuh
Duster – my grandma’s favorite piece of cloth
DV8 – You still remember these?
El Filibusterismo – “Elmo” for short. 😉
Heizel –
Liyah –
Masculados – Think
Mastaplann – what you
Mayonnaise – will.
Mboys – the gay partylist
Men Oppose – the lesbian partylist
Menaya –
Mi Ultimo Adios
Moonpools and Caterpillars
Music and Magic (To avoid boring you, we’ll skip to more interesting ones)
Nail Clippers
Negros Revolution – the Filipino-Afro-American partylist!
Sooperbabes – the under-aged partylist
Sound – the minimalist partylist
Stonefree – the partylist that opposes the actions of the PDEA
The Bloomfields – the senior-citizens’ partylist
The Jerks – the closest thing that they could write in a version of the real-day BayanMuna.

And that’s only the first page.

Don’t believe the content? See Sample ballot


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