Anong Mabibili Mo sa P20?

Here’s my own version of that annoying TV ad whose recent incarnation features attempting to enter a disco (siguro IMBA or ANCHOR) with only twenty pesos:

Boy, enters a dark alley, and goes to a hooker. The sleazily dressed, almost unrecognizable as a woman hooker smiles back, shows a little skin and extends her hand out for the “money-down.” Boy gingerly flattens a crumpled twenty-peso bill on her hand. Camera zooms to her heavily made-up face wrinkled in disgust. She takes the money, however, raises a middle finger to the boy and shouts, “Fuck you!”

Cut to Selecta Cornetto (R) sequence. 🙂

Last scene shows the hooker licking the Selecta Cornetto (R) like “buko juice.”


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