Ahh… Bolivia

Repost from: http://teamchibid.wordpress.com/2007/10/15/pinoy-humor/

Hindi ko mapigilan! this will be classic!

I was blog surfing and came across a hilarious re-cap of a Filipino Tourist story from MLQ III’s blog.

“By the way, this is a favorite story of an uncle and worth sharing with you, my gentle readers (it’s a true story, by the way).

A group of Filipinos were touring Bolivia and the guide pointed with pride to some flora and said, “that is one our national flowers.”

“What is it called,” one of the Filipinos asked.

“The Cantuta,” said the guide.

The Filipino paused, and had to ask, “and what do you call those who harvest the flowers?”

“Ah,” said the guide, “they’re cantuteros.”

The Filipinos kept laughing all the way back to Manila.”

Pinoy humor, folks. Don’t leave home without it.

Original post: http://www.quezon.ph/2007/10/09/bribery-boomerang/


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