Thoughts a la Carlin

If you know George Carlin (Seven Words You Can’t Say On Television, Napalm and Silly Putty, Bill and Ted’s), you know his acid jokes. Here are some of my takes:

– Never trust a person who says, “TRUST ME.”
– Most people who like Farmville didn’t have to depend on farm earnings for a living. My father hates Farmville.
– Stop comparing this country to America. It is more fun if we laugh at them instead.
– I am glad the word fad on AzNpRiDe dissipated. What was the point in that? You go on proclaiming how proud you are being Asian by adopting black culture in a country historically-known for racism?
– Gentlemen, there is such a thing as an Improbable Research. These are real scientific studies (most of them are published) with horrifyingly ridiculous (sometimes sad) premises. To increase your levels of despair on the future of the human mind, go to htp://
– True Fact: The first time I was depressed was when I started reading J. D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye. I was down for a whole month. I was studying at that point, and I had to force myself to accept the author’s terms quickly. Yet in some schools, this is recommended reading. Are these institutes of Learning sponsored by Prozac?
– I think I can finish A Clockwork Orange by myself faster than I can study Statistics under the tutelage of another. Change the curriciulum!


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