Favorite Commercial: Cobra Energy Drink

I have a new favorite TV commercial. It is worth three Street Fighter (featuring Jean Claude Van Damme) movies!

The old Cobra Energy Drink commercial (entitled, “Surreal”) though impressive, wasn’t too appealing to me because even with its blatant display of machismo, the environment was too tame. Sure, I can call turning one’s back on a rushing train “tame,” but it didn’t have the power to motivate minds and hearts. It was too artificial. Even the model’s skin looked artificial.

Unlike the latest Cobra TV commercial (will someone upload it on youtube?) which features another lone man, this time taking on a whole army of Shao Khan clones (but breathing fire!). At first he tosses the Cobra aside, tries to overpower the clones, and promptly ends up clotheslined and elbowed to the ground by a “Shao Khan”. (Emphasis on the narration, “hindi lang bruskong lakas ang kailangan.”) Then he drinks Cobra.

This time the hero rushes straight to who seems to be the general of the clones (this on breathes fire). His shirt gets torn off, but he times his jump well, surprising the general with a kick to the face. Black screen, then cut to a victorious man and all the Shao Khans dead.

This commercial also reminds me of the TV Commercial for MILO for Adults. However, I find it funny that these are grown-ups yet they are portrayed as fantastic heroes while playing basketball (a la Oversoul from Shaman King).

Well, the wait is over! I finally found a copy of that video that deserves this title, and to my readers, the guy’s name is allegedly Cesar Curti. (I still believe he’s CGI, though.)



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