Names from DotA

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If you came here from a search on DOTA from Google or Yahoo! Search, I am sorry to disappoint you by saying there is no content on builds, cheats, Garena or game servers, new maps or versions. I won’t even rant on the AI. This article is for educating the masses on the cultural references on DotA. Why are some items named that way? Why are the heroes’ powers like so? This is not a definitive work, but a mere educated guess.

1. Drow Ranger – drow is another name for evil dark elves (think Legolas-type of elves, not shoemaker) living underground. Drizzt Do’Urden is the Chuck Norris of drows who was a good ranger topside. If you have ever read R. A. Salvatore’s novels on Drizzt, you might think that the drow ranger is actualy capable of killing Roshan unaided at first level.

2. Rikimaru the Stealth Assassin – As some people have observed, Rikimaru is a character from Tenchu, a stealth action videogame. That does it short, right? But why a satyr? A satyr is a being from Greek mythology with goat horns and hindquarters, and yeah, a constant erection. These creatures roam the woodlands, looking for maidens and nymphsT to “have fun with.” They are the equivalent of Japanese train perverts nowadays and that information makes the connection clearer. Right?

3. Zeus the Lord of Olympia – Easy enough, this is the Father of the Greek Gods! No. This character is misnamed. This is Thor, the Norse thunder God. Look at it. It’s a Viking.

4. Rhasta the Shadow Shaman – This isn’t a shaman. It is a voodoo practitioner. A racist joke played poorly by the creators of DotA. They left out the voodoo practice of creating zombies for its bad taste.

These are the item names and their not so successful betas:

5. Stygian Desolator – it is the name approved by the DotA community. It is the replacement of its earlier name: McFuckScythe(TM).

6. Hand of Midas – chosen as the replacement for its earlier name, IFingerU,UGiveMeGold(TM)

7. Mjollnir – was chosen to avoid a dispute with erstwhile rapper MC Hammer.

8. Necronomicon – instead of its name, “The Book of the Laws of the Dead, Part 2, Subtitle: How to Raise Skeletons with Little Mana.” It was easier to read.

9. Eul’s Scepter of Divinity – contrary to popular belief, this was actually a tribute to the not-so-famous trio of Eddie, Ulrich and Lars who were not connected to DotA.

10.Guinsoo’s Scythe of Vise – No, this isn’t connected with Guinsoo. This is actually a philosophical jibe at the materialism permeating today’s pop culture as exemplified by the Ginsu knife and its many incarnations. It is dangerous, and like DotA, can function as a vice.

11. Mithril Hammer – tribute to MC Hammer.

To be continued…

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