Deconstructing Enrile’s Campaign Jingle

So far Filipinos have been bombarded since Christmas by “nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura” jingle by Manny Villar. So many jokes have been shared on facebook and other blogs that I won’t bother to do it. Add to that Loren Legarda and her curious rendition of Pilipinas Kong Mahal (please see related article).

Now we see Enrile joining the fray (even though he isn’t running for President). His campaign ad is more thought-provoking than Sen. Villar’s (who he exposed recently as trying to bribe him for a favorable decision on his behalf). No wonder: before Villar was a senator, Enrile spent the most money (20 million pesos) for his senatorial campaign.

This article purports to educate fellow Filipinos on what Enrile’s campaign ad means (this is especially important, since Enrile has been living in the 1970’s, only recently discovering that cellphones ).

He has currently two commercials that I know of:

A. Cellphone Basis

(spoken) Enrile, Ang manong niyo sa Senado!

(sung by a group of yuppies posing as teenagers. Note the accent!)

1 Ang load, ang load ko sa cell

2 Mas dumami, tumagal

3 Mula nang ipaglaban

4 Ni Manong Johnny ko

(spoken) Dapat sundin na ng telcos ang per six second charge na ipinaglaban ni Manong. Kay laking tipid!

5 At triple na ang buhay ng load kaya

6 We’re so happy Manong Johnny!

(spoken) Gusto ko, Happy Ka!

B. Featuring Sen. Enrile’s Staff

(spoken) Enrile, Ang Manong Niyo sa Senado!

1 Basta dito sa Sena-do

2 Respe-tado si Manong

3 Dahil sa experience niya

4 At sa kanyang… talino

(spoken) Si Manong Johnny ang may pinakamahabang experience dito sa Senado.

Kaya mga housemates dito, siya ang hinihingan ng payo

5 We’re so happy, Manong Johnny

What does it mean?

A. Note that the logo rips off Pinoy Big Brother. Maybe the music too but I’m not sure due to my ignorance of ABS-CBN.

1 One of the greatest introductory words to a campaign ad ever (nakaligo ka na ba still rules, though). Of course you have to repeat the first two words, the audience might not get it first (as I have been distracted by the dancing cute girl with the short hair.)

2 “mas dumami” refers to more sperm, “tumagal” refers to delayed eja- sorry, I mean “mas dumami” refers to more texts and “tumagal” to more time before expiry.

3-4 Unverifiable through this ad alone. Surely other people deserve credit. Txtpower, perhaps (however ridiculous they seem to me)?

Summary: The ad does not remind people that before cellular phone call rates were charged by the minute, users were charged by the second! Cellular phone use boomed when texting or SMS became popular (together with SoP and SoT, and its widely-acclaimed use in extramarital affairs). Telecommunications companies (telcos) resorted to charging more for calls to compensate for low SMS charges. The ad also acts upon the great regard Filipinos today have for their phones. I’ll vote for Enrile if he fights for cheaper laptops (brand new ha!).

B. Starts with a woman opening the doors to the Senate. Welcome to the Senate!

1 No doubt about it!

2 Respetado = old. Enrile is banking on using the honorific “manong” to court fellow Ilocanos. Next time he will be using Ingkong.

3 – 4Experience = old. You have to give credit to Enrile’s intelligence and wit. After all, he is the “Architect of Martial Law.”

The spoken part also alludes to Housemates (referring to Pinoy Big Brother) looking to him for advice. About the last part where they say they’re so happy, I didn’t quite get it unlike the earlier cell phone commercial (at least they have something to thank Sen. Enrile) until I realize this group of people is his staff. Of course! Pinapaswelduhan niya pala e! 🙂


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