Thoughts for the Day #1

– I played Call of Duty 2 two days ago and it seems to be a clone of Call of Duty, except it has chapters on the North African campaign vs. Rommel’s forces. And I have now played all Call of Duty games available on PC. Now I realize how short Modern Warfare 2 is, especially the snowmobile part.

– I finally understood Left 4 Dead 2. There is more to the apocalyptic atmosphere than just darkness and eerie sounds. And aside from the Tank, I added one more monster to my Hate List: the Jockey.

– The Witches in Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 are all right. You leave them alone, you go on with your life.

– Entropy fan George Carlin would have loved Left 4 Dead. He would have hated Zombieland. I don’t know if he would have loved Plants vs. Zombies.

– I heard the rumor late: Activision and Blizzard joined? Can we finally see Starcraft Ghost?

– On Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Things I hate:

  1. urban Brazil
  2. Trench guns
  3. I play clumsy characters. Come on, they’re ALWAYS getting helped back up. Now one’s missed a helicopter?
  4. Dogs. I hate dogs.

– One thing I love about Call of Duty: Except for Call of Duty: World at War, I think there’s a British guy in every game named Captain Price with an excellent mustache. I really would have loved him as a boss.


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