Pilipinas Kong Mahal (Loren Legarda version)

It is one of my writing techniques in this blog to take a popular song and dissect it. And now since the start of the election period spawns campaign jingles like a spell of rain makes frogs, it is time to go to work. But before you ask, I won’t be doing Manny Villar’s (Nakaligo ka na ba?) due to its cheapness. (Translation: A lot of wags already beat me to it.)

And here I was, relaxing in front of the TV when I hear a familiar tune: Pilipinas Kong Mahal sung by none other than Vice-Presidential candidate Loren Legarda. I loved the song. When I was in grade school, in place of the school hymn we never had we sang this masterpiece by Jose De La Cruz. And now, I began hearing it sung incorrectly. There were lines omitted! The producers of the ad might say that it is in the interest of cost, but this is what it means:

1. Ang bayan ko’y tanging Ikaw

2. Pilipinas kong mahal

3. (Ang puso ko at buhay man

4. Sa Iyo’y ibibigay)

5. Tungkulin ko’y gagampanan

6. Na lagi kang paglingkuran

7. Ang laya Mo’y babantayan

8. Pilipinas kong hirang.

My musings:

1. – 2. Notice the simple beauty of the language? Note also that Pilipinas, the nation is treated as a person here, a person to be loved. Well, this sets the song’s mood as a love song.

3. – 4. In Ms. Legarda’s campaign ad, these two lines (very short indeed) are omitted, though in reflection these lines represent one’s ultimate love for the country: the giving of life and heart (commitment). Why? If I am allowed to think further… never mind.

5. – 6. Rough translation: I will fulfill my duty to serve You always. This is bland and too vague to be a vow or promise of love. Compared to the earlier lines which were deleted, anyone can make this vow (easy to prove). No wonder…

7. – 8. (Author can not be reached for comment. Was last seen painting graffiti.)


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