Deconstructing Langit Lupa

100 years from now, future historians will study this culture and glean what they could from pictures, texts, architecture, and Blu-ray. In the interest of you people who haven’t heard of the scientific method dahil kakabiology, let us imagine a typical day in the job of a historian, peeking through a document of an ancient Filipino culture. What does he learn?

He reads: langit, lupa… Hey! This is an interesting discovery! I might have finally found the key to the ancient Filipino understanding of heaven and hell! (There are going to be historians divided over an issue like this.  Some would cite the millions of Catholics, Iglesia ni Cristos (not the people, but churches, there are a lot of Iglesia ni Cristo churches all claiming they are the One church) and other religious devotees, including one Meier San Chezz. Others would refute this with the number of crime and corruption prevalent in those times.)

He reads on. And so do we, in this simulation. Per line I have interposed the historian’s interpretations of the text.

1 Langit, lupa, impiyerno

– The ancient Filipino likely believes in an afterlife.  Note: dual, yet exclusive destination; no purgatory given, therefore, non-Catholic.

2 in- in- impyerno

something about something in “hell”? Is this something about hell? or an emphasis on hell? Or just something that is in hell? (the historian is confused)

3 saksak puso, tulo ang dugo

– graphic, yet note the detail. being stabbed in the heart yet blood doesn’t gush out. It only comes out in drops.

4 patay. buhay.

– dead. living. Is this a riddle? What could possibly be something from hell, is physiologically a monster and both dead and living?

5 alis ka na diyan sa puwesto mo!

– Eureka! A vampiric president!


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