Repost: Pompiangan Na: An Analysis

One of my attempts at writing in English. First posted at

The band Parokya ni Edgar is a fun band to be with, certainly the most long-lasting, an 80’s era dinosaur among today’s pogi rock and emo-ridden listeners. But then their songs and creations are still seen as relevant among today’s youth. Along with their reputation as a SOLID barkada, their (especially C. Miranda’s) prowess in creating lyrics (never mind the tunes) are of the same skill and ante as memorable jingles and anthems.

This article is an attempt to decode what might be inside the mind of Mr. Miranda when they create their songs…
This is Pompiangan Na from Solid. (It is actually a filler, not a song, but I find it interesting to make an article out of it, SO THERE!) Lyrics taken from

1 goto pares tapsilog
2 kung sino mataya ay may itlog
3 in a rikitiki tabia
4 kalaban ng kubra
5 Y-E-S naalis ang bra
6 saksak pusa died last night
7 my doggy-doggy died also
8 langit lupa impiyerno
9 in in infairness
10 kahit maliit yung aso ko
11 malaki naman yung bird
12 may pet na bird yung aso ko
13 hindi yung iniisip mo
14 in a rikitiki reyes in a blue black ship
15 bakit masikip ang kanyang brief
16 i-spell yes, i-spell no,
17 i-spell what, I don’t know
18 ami, susi, emperador
19 kamikazee, grand matador
20 monkey monkey nagyosi
21 how many the monkey did yosi
22 5!
23 1,2,3,4,5
24 so pompyang pompyang pompyangan na
25 kung sino maalis maalis… alis!

It is chanted in a singsong manner as children playing hand games like “Nanay Tatay.” In fact, as you have seen, many lines are taken from actual games you might have enjoyed playing.

1: The three staples of a Filipino college student
2: in an early humorous turn, a wordplay on the children’s procedure on selecting the “IT” for group games
3-4: Rikki-tikki-tavi is a mongoose that killed cobras in Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book.
5: a painful attempt at wordplay, just so the word cobra has a rhyme. See Cobrabird in an earlier album
6-9: Remember these? Excerpts from that morbid children’s game, Langit Lupa.
10-13: In an earlier Pugad Baboy strip, Tomas boasted of cross-breeding a dalmatian dog and a mule (usapang lasing, siyempre). The said offspring was small, but inherited a LARGE legacy.
14-15: Returning to the nice name of Rikki, but then associating it with a known gay icon, and following up with an implied erection is a disturbing matter. NEXT!
16-17: fillers for a filler?
18-19: more fillers, but including what Parokya ni Edgar consider their equals as icons of today’s youth alcoholics, empy, granny, and the Kamikazee band
20-23: Another hand game, “Monkey, monkey, Annabelle” is repeated. (See Annabelle Rama repeat the original rhyme in a commercial to dupe her twins out of a drug)
24: Pompiyang is the Filipino word for cymbals, and resembles the actions of two palms in a hand game. It is also Tagalog slang for lesbian coitus.
25: This is also the traditional closing of Pinoy hand games, especially in choosing the “It.” Other phrases include, but are not restricted to:
– maalis, taya!
– gumaya sa akin, taya!
– gumaya sa akin, pogi!
– maalis, maghuhugas ng plato!

Just a tribute to a nice band.


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